Introduction to Hsuan Wei

With double major of History and Economics at National Taiwan University, as an exchange student in college of Economics in Peking University in 2014, I am an undergraduate student who want to keep doing research of Economic history about modern China (esp after 1911).

The Economic history(s) which Dept. of History and which Dept. Economics are so different. In Dept. of History, what the mostly we care about is the explanation and contextualization of historical materials; in Dept. of Economics, the really significant topics are the long trends, which usually are displayed by mathematical model.

I try to combine two different analytical ways and inquiries from two subjects to provide new questions.  In Dept. of history, I learn Chinese history and have ability to analyze historical materials of modern China, such as newspapers in R.O.C in mainland and announcement of communist liberal army. In Dept. of economics, macroeconomics helps me think the relation of different index, and money and banking offers the real experience in the world.

Besides those acquired in classroom, I am also the chief editor of a Chinese academic journal, shiyi. Not only editing but also academic style is so important that we must teach to students in Chinese world. We hope Shiyi will become the most outstanding academic journal for undergraduate in Chinese world.

Also, I was a teaching assistant of introduction of history taught by Prof. Wei Hung Lin. I taught my students about “tools helping analyze historical materials”, “digital databases of archive and latest journal,” “academic writing style.” With the experience and support from Prof. Lin and my students, I got the Outstanding TA Award of National Taiwan University, 2013.

I have been a research assistant offered by Prof. Man-houng Lin from July 2013 to now in Institute of modern history at Academic Sinica. She takes me into the world of economic history, now I assist her to revise her new book: Pacific-bound: Taiwanese merchants’ Commercial movements.

I will write my undergraduate thesis that supervised by Prof. Yung-Fa Chen.My research is about modern economic history of East Asia, especially about China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Japan. The experience of double major and exchange student helps me a lot.

I am processing a plan about the hyperinflation of Shanghai in 1949, and it is also sponsored by National Taiwan University. I search data and materials from collections of Communist Party of China, Ren Min Ri Bao to electronic digital database like Sage, Adam Matthew and ProQuest. Unlike traditional analytic and discourse with obvious ideology, I deal this information with inquiry from economics and rearrange them into larger historical context.

What I really care about is development of modern China, where it should go and how it could achieve. I believe review and rethink of the path we have walked are necessary and urgent. I hope my research could provide a little knowledge to this pursuit, which thousands of people have devoted.





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