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I am working as a consulting intern in Deloitte and studying double degree in Economics and History in National Taiwan University.

My initial interest as an economic historian of modern China brought me to deal with historical data and to think with economic intuition. Double major, cross-field learning, digital trainings and being an exchange student in Peking University (2014) let me have cross-field ability, including Geo-analysis, Data Analysis, Journalism and field research. I also have lots of academic working experience such as Teaching Assistant, Research Assistant and Chief Editor of Academic Journal.

However, staying in a fixed comfort zone is not enough for me, so I decided to leave academic field for a while to move forward real world. Being equipped with Accounting and Programming helps me understand the tendency of business and future.

New digital / global / practical generation should be equipped with “SIX Language”. Those include “Communicative Language”, “Academic Language”, “Commercial Language”, “Spatial Language”, “Image Language” and “Programming Language”. Each Language involves some abilities which we can learn from courses or experience. Each Language involves some methods that could offer for some controversial issue. To be a solver, I am still keeping learning those languages on my way.





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